Why Choose Internet 365 for your Backups?

Want a financial nightmare?

Then don’t backup your data every day. Better yet, back it up but don’t transport it offsite. Theft, or a devastating fire will not only destroy your computer and everything in it, but also everything around it which includes all those paper records lying around. You know… the ones your staff typed into the system all week.
Financial nightmare…… realised.

So what are you waiting for?

With the lowest prices & highest availability, the time is now!

Your Questions, Our Answers

With the Lite Version, you can backup thousands of Windows PC’s, Windows Servers and Mac’s with the same account – all sharing the alocated amount of backup storage space.

For example, you sign up for the 10GB package. Download the software and install it on all your Windows PC’s / Windows Servers / Mac’s. Login with the same username & password on all the machines, select what to backup and schedule your backups.  The 10GB space will then be shared for all the backups.

With a valid active account, you can also schedule backups to backup to Local Drives / Mapped Network Drives / NAS and removable media (USB Flash Drives / External USB Hard Drives)

Please Note: Windows Server Backups – Only local files can be backed up. This version will not allow for Exchange / SharePoint / SQL / VM backups.

Not at all! You only pay for the alocated backup storage space. The bandwidth used for backing up and restoring data is free of charge!

Online installation files are small to download, but requires internet access during the installation. All the nescesary files are downloaded from the internet during the instllation process.

Offline installation files are big, but contain all the files for the installation process. Once downloaded, internet is not needed during installation.

Off-line Backup is basically designed for notebook users who are off-line most of the time and cannot rely on the backup schedule to backup regularly. The backup interval allows notebook users to specify the interval that they would like their data to backup. If this interval has elapsed, backup will run automatically once this machine is online.

Logout Backup Reminder asks user if they would like to backup if they logout of, or shutdown, their computer.

Local Backup allows an extra copy of the backup file to be kept on a local hard disk when running the backup.

There are two encryptions being performed by Pro Version (OBM):

1. Encryption of backup data – This is being done by 128-bit symmetric key encryption (AES, TripleDES, TwoFish). 256-bit is not available because it requires too much CPU and it is not really required (128-bit is what is being used by most banks currently).

2. Encryption of backup traffic – This is being done by 1024-bit RSA public key encryption. The strength of the encryption depends on the key size you use when you generate your CSR before submitting to your CA (1024-bit is what is being used by most CAs).

• You require less backup accounts.
• You can use one pair of username and password to configure the backup setting of all backup settings.

• You must use different backup sets for different computers.
• Whenever a new backup set is created under the backup account, you need to go back to all computers using the same backup account to uncheck the “Run scheduled backup on this computer” option for the new backup set (as backup setting is saved on server and new backup set is default to run on all computers, i.e. with the option checked).
• Improper configuration could easily cause problems, which are difficult to debug.

It really depends on the kind of data to be backed up, e.g. for personal file backups, the daily data transfer should be limited, while MS Exchange backup could be significant.

People trust Internet 365! Be one of them!

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